About us

Unique cost-effective Diamonds suited for your opulent lifestyle “These diamonds add to your grandiose appearance and suit your pockets at the same time.

These lab created diamonds are here to stay for years to come. We know they are a woman’s best friend and we value your friendship” Pious Eco Diamonds came into origin in _______.

Since then we have been pioneers in the field of synthetic diamonds. As synthetic diamond manufacturers we have always strived for excellence. Lab grown diamonds apart from satiating your luxurious cravings also suit your purse.

Our vision – Your prosperity

We are moving with a single minded vision to be the best in the business. We want to be in harmony with mother nature. We understand the loss humanity has to bear when we obtain diamonds from the traditional methods. Our man made diamonds free the humans from the risk of traditional methods and at the same time are economic in purchase to our valuable customers.

  • We want to grow globally.
  • our precious CVD diamonds to a large number of countries across the world.
  • Our aim is to deliver what the customer wants.
  • Our work is research based.
  • We want happy clients.
  • We believe in do the best and be the best.

Our hands are our valuable resources

Our hands are truly what define our work. Our workforce is a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have mastered the art of Lab grown diamonds. The put their souls into work and the passion which they have for creativity turns out synthetic diamonds which are delight to watch and a blessing to wear. Since our work force is responsible for churning out man made diamonds which our clients relish to wear we also fulfil our responsibility towards or workforce. We provide them with cleaner environment of work which one compared to the geological process of mining is more healthy and does no harm to the environment.

Pious Eco Diamonds

Our credentials prove our point. We are the best in the business with an exquisite range of lab-grown diamonds or CVD diamonds. As manufacturers of synthetic diamonds, suppliers and exporters our vision is global. With an aim to spread our wings we have gained world-wide reach with customers across the length and breadth of this diamond crazy world. As synthetic diamond manufacturers we deliver what the customer desires. For us customer is the king and we are here to enhance the royal tastes of our select clients.