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Synthetic diamond in contrast to a natural diamond is produced by a controlled process in a lab. It is also known by the name of HPHT diamond or CVD diamond. They are man-made diamonds where scientists place the carbon element under high pressure and temperature to form a diamond crystal. Another way of forming synthetic diamonds is through Chemical Vapour Deposition. A small seed of diamond crystal is placed in a chamber and is grown layer by layer and after many days is converted into a synthetic diamond.

Identifying Synthetic Diamond

Specialised equipment are needed to identify a natural diamond from a synthetic diamond. The best way to find out if a diamond is natural or synthetic is to ask the jeweller for a grading report. The jewellers are able to differentiate between them with the help of a loop also which is again an instrument to assess the quality of a diamond.

Are synthetic diamonds fake?

Not at all. Synthetic diamonds have the same physical properties and chemical composition as those of natural diamonds. From the naked eye one cannot tell the difference. Only by doing tests on both diamonds and use of specialised instruments can one come to know whether a particular diamond is a natural diamond or a synthetic diamond.

It is quite true that a natural diamond goes through hundreds of years through a remarkable geological journey before it reaches your ring finger. In the other case the Lab grown diamond or the synthetic diamond is also a painstaking effort in laboratories and goes through very complex processes before it is converted into a synthetic diamond.

It is a fact that synthetic diamonds are so identical to mined diamonds that even a jeweller with a loupe cannot differentiate between them. They retain their hardness and shine forever. So the longevity in case of synthetic diamonds is guaranteed as in the case of natural or mined diamonds.

Available in various colours

Synthetic diamonds are available in various colourless ranges. They are available in fancy colours. Colours like vivid fancy yellow which are very rare to be found. Moreover the face that synthetic diamonds are cheaper when compared to the natural ones and are available in different colours thereby retaining the same qualities as that of the natural diamonds makes them so unique.

They are in demand and now people prefer synthetic diamonds over the natural ones owing to their uniqueness and class. No longer do people prefer mined diamonds for their engagement rings and fine jewellery. Ecological and ethical concerns combined with advancement in technology has made synthetic diamonds a more preferred option.

The fact that people have to spend less on these synthetic diamonds makes them a more attractive option. Well people are just going to see you wearing those diamonds on your ring finger or jewellery. Then fact that you are wearing a diamond is all that is going to matter. No body can differentiate whether the diamond is a lab grown diamond or a natural one.

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