Man-made diamonds

If anyone has transformed the life of a man it is man himself. From making a needle to an aeroplane innovation and human mind has done it all. Who would have thought that man would one day make a diamond. If we go back some 30 to 40 years no one would have thought that diamonds could be man-made. Every one would think that the only way diamonds could be extracted was through geological processes. As on today diamonds can be made in laboratories which provide the same environment to develop diamonds which is available below the earth’s crust.

High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT)

This technique of producing man made diamonds is the most sought after way of producing diamonds in labs. This technique recreates the same environment which is found much below the earth’s crust. The machines which are used have the ability to build up the pressure of about 60,000 atmospheres and temperature of about 2500 degree Celsius.

The growth cell in which the diamond takes shape has all the elements to grow a diamond.

There is a seed, graphite which is highly refined and a mixture which contains metals and different kinds of powders. The cell is placed in the centre of the chamber and regular temperature of 1300 degree Celsius and temperature of over 50000 atmospheres of pressure is applied. The catalyst mixture inside the cell reacts under such high temperature and pressure and changes itself into molten form.

The molten solution causes the graphite in the cell to dissolve. Once everything is done according to the laid down conditions the cooling process is started. The process takes several days and allows the carbon atoms to deposit over the seed. After the whole cycle is completed the cell is removed from the HPHT machine. The new rough diamonds goes through the process of final cutting and polishing. Now it is ready to adorn your ring finger and make you into a diva.

The whole process needs to be carried out carefully. Any deviation from the standard practice during growth can lead to production of unusable diamonds. Every diamond which is being produced must complete the entire growth cycle before the machine is opened. Once the whole process is completed and diamond taken out can we see the whole finished rough diamond and its colour, clarity and size.

There are three primary tools used to supply the requisite temperature and pressure during the entire process –

i) Bars Press- The inner and outer anvils apply hydraulic pressure on the grown cell and is a very effective tool for producing top quality diamonds.
ii) Belt Press– Large anvils work in tandem to create the necessary pressure. It is helpful in producing good quality diamonds in one go.
iii)Cubic Press – A Cubic Press is large in size and six separate anvils create the required pressure for diamond growth. It is also used in producing diamond powder for industrial process.
Any one of the above way can be resorted to produce high quality diamonds as per need and conditions.

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